Hi. I’m Bob Roth (AKA Robert Roth, Ph.D.). My copywriting engages hearts and minds and motivates action because it is grounded in four decades of marketing and branding experience.

I write copy for advertising and promotion, nonprofit fundraising and also for technical publications. This website shares my Bio and three portfolios.

Business Portfolio

I write a wide variety of copy for B2C and B2B clients including retail, real estate, professional services, tourism, performing arts and hospitality.

I also write copy for a wide range of media including websites, social media, TV, radio and printed materials.

Please view my Business Portfolio.

Nonprofit Portfolio

I have passionately created brands, marketing and communications programs and written copy for a wide variety of nonprofit and government organizations. My Nonprofit+For-Profit Marketing Marriages™ have been instrumental in raising more than $50 million.

Please view my Nonprofit Portfolio.

Technical Portfolio

I enjoy writing copy that markets technical products and also user guides that make it easy for customers to use them.

Please view my Technical Portfolio.

Need a Little Copywriting?

Need a copy approach that engages hearts and minds and motivates action? If so . . . I would be honored to learn more about your requirements!

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Robert Roth, Ph.D.

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