My Copywriting Process

Ever since serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of the Grand Canyon Railway, I have been quite fond of railroad analogies. Coming from that perspective, I run my copywriting process like a railroad.

The process starts with a branding engine which is then followed by an often very long line of cars. The engine provides the marketing power and the cars deliver an endless progression of customer-engaging stories.

Because my copywriting process runs like a train, it is cost-effective, efficient and almost always on-time.

Holiday Inn
Radisson Hotels

The Branding Engine

Each copy campaign is powered by strong branding engine.

The branding engine powers the marketing train.

Cars Full Of Stories

Following the engine, the remainder of the marketing train is composed of a long line of cars that are chock full of ever evolving customer-engaging stories.

Del Webb

Need a Copywriting Railroad?

If you need a copywriting process that runs like a train, I would be honored to build one for your organization!

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