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Hi. I’m Bob Roth (AKA Robert Roth, Ph.D.). My copywriting engages hearts and minds, and motivates action because it is grounded in four decades of marketing and branding experience.

Marketing, Branding And Copywriting

As a President, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President or Director, I served several industry-leading organizations:

  • As COO and President of the Grand Canyon Railway I implemented my doctoral dissertation to restore this historic 1901 steam railroad and living museum. Additionally, functioning as Chief Marketing Officer, I created an extensive advertising and PR campaign and wrote the majority of copy.
  • As V.P. Marketing for Del Webb Recreational Properties I crafted a brand and marketing strategy that transformed Lake Powell into a popular resort destination and paved the way for sale of the assets for $77 million. I worked closely with our ad agency creative teams in crafting copy.
  • As President of Roth/Graham (a full service ad agency) I functioned as chief cook and bottle washer and on-call copywriter.
  • As V.P. Marketing for Radisson Hotels I created a brand that positioned the company for growth from 30 to almost 1,000 properties. Once again, I worked closely with our ad agency creative teams in copywriting.
  • It was early in my career, as Director of National Advertising for the Holiday Inns System, that I developed a keen interest in, and love for copywriting.
Robert Roth
Nonprofit Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing


I have been consulting in marketing strategy, branding and copywriting since 1993. During this period, My Nonprofit + For-Profit Marketing Marriages™ have contributed to raising more $50 million in donations.

Some of the nonprofits I have been privileged to serve include the American Humane Association, Arizona Office of Tourism, Arizona Small Business Association, Butte Opera House, City of Cripple Creek, CO., Coleville Confederated Tribes, Desert Stages Theatre, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Living Faith Church, the Navajo Nation, Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Utah Navajo Industries.

Some of my for-profit partners and clients have included Walmart, Purina Pet Foods, Discovery Network’s Animal Planet Channel, canine move star Benji, First Solar, Power-One and numerous TV and radio stations and print publications.

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Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Every bio. needs some miscellaneous stuff. Here’s mine:

  • I hold a B.S. in Communications from Boston University and an MBA and Ph.D. in business administration from California Coast University.
  • I had the honor of serving as an officer in the United States Navy during the Vietnam conflict and was awarded the National Defense Service Medal.
  • I am a proud member of the American Legion.

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